Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Rice Recipe

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Rice Recipe


Welcome to our Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen rice recipe. This dish is easy, delicious, and healthy. It only takes a few minutes to prepare and can be served with a variety of different toppings.

The best thing is that it's great for any occasion. Whether you're having a casual gathering at home or need a nutritious meal for your family, this rice recipe is sure to please. So without further ado, let's get started!

Introduction to Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen is a restaurant that specializes in healthy, homemade food.

Their rice recipe is one of their most popular meals, and it's easy to figure out why. Rice is soft and tasty, and a perfect accompaniment for any meal.

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen's rice recipe is also healthy, which is an added bonus. The rice is made with brown rice, which is full of fiber and nutrients.

If you are looking for an easy, tasty and wholesome rice recipe, look no further than Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen.

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The Rice Dish: What Makes It So Special?

This rice dish is special because it is made from scratch. Unlike other rice recipes that use pre-made mixes or ingredients, this one starts with raw, unprocessed rice.

The result is a soft, delicious and healthy dish that is sure to please even the most demanding eaters. And best of all, it is easy to make!

How to Make the Perfect Bowl of Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Rice

To make the perfect bowl of Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Rice, start by cooking the rice according to the package directions. During the cooking process, chop the vegetables into small pieces.

Once the rice is cooked, add the vegetables and the cheddar cheese. Stir until the cheese is melted and all is well blended.

Enjoy as is, or garnish with a tablespoon of sour cream or salsa for additional flavour.

Tips and Tricks for the Best Results

If you want the best results, here are some tips and tricks to follow. First, ensure you rinse the rice before cooking. This will eliminate any dirt or impurities found on the surface of the grain.

Then add the rice in a pot of hot water. The ratio of rice to water should be 1:2, so for every cup of rice, add two cups of water. Once the rice is inside the pan, stir once, then cover the pan with a lid and reduce the heat to low.

Simmer the rice for 18 minutes, then turn off the heat and let it sit for an additional five minutes. This will enable the grain to absorb all the water and become pleasant and fluffy. Finally, peel the rice with a fork until ready to serve.

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The good things about brown rice.

Brown rice is a whole grain, which means it contains all of the nutrients in the grain, including fibre, manganese and magnesium.

Fiber helps to keep you regular, manganese is good for your bones and nervous system, and magnesium helps to regulate blood pressure.

Brown rice is also a low-glycemic food, which means that it won't cause spikes in your blood sugar levels. This is important for people who are trying to control their diabetes or lose weight.


This Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen rice recipe is easy, delicious, and healthy. It's a great way to use up leftover rice, and it's perfect for a quick and easy meal. Give it a try!

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