Sweet and Spicy Beef Burger: easy and delicious recipe

Sweet and Spicy Beef Burger.


The sweet and spicy beef burger recipe is

Perfect for your next BBQ.

It's summer time and that means BBQ

The season is in full swing!

And what's better than a delicious, juicy

Burger that's both sweet and spicy?

It's easy to make and it will definitely

Impress your guests.

So fire up the grill and get ready to cook up

Some of the best burgers you've ever tasted!

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Prepping the Burger Meat:

Start by mixing the lean ground beef with

salt, pepper, and your favorite spices.

If you want a sweet and spicy burger, I

Recommend adding brown sugar and

Cayenne pepper to the mix.

Be sure to mix everything well,

Then form the meat into thick patties.

Sweet and Spicy Beef Burger Sauce:

It's time to put that boring ketchup and

Mustard away and spice up your burger

Game with this delicious sweet and spicy


This sauce is perfect for any beef burger.

It's got a bit of sweetness from the honey,

Combined with a bit of heat from the chili

Flakes, for a perfect balance of flavors.

It's best to make this sauce in advance so

That the flavors have a chance to blend


Simply mix all of the ingredients in

A bowl, and store in a covered container in

The fridge.

When you're ready to use it, just spread it

On your burger before cooking.

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Sweet and Spicy Beef Burger Toppings:

For the perfect Sweet and Spicy Beef 

Burger buns, start with a beef patty that is

Seasoned with salt and pepper.

Then, add some grilled onions, bell peppers,

And jalapeno peppers. Top the burger with

Pepper Jack cheese and BBQ sauce.

It's best to serve this burger on a toasted

Bun with a side of coleslaw and fries.

Grilling the Sweet and Spicy Beef Burger

Now it's time to grill your burger. Preheat

Your grill to medium-high heat, and then

Place your burgers on the grates.

Grill for about 10 minutes, flipping once, or

Until the burgers are cooked through.

While the burgers are grilling, prepare the

Sweet and spicy sauce.

In a small bowl, mix ketchup,

Sriracha sauce, brown sugar, and vinegar.

When the burgers are cooked through,

Remove them from the grill and top them with the sweet and spicy sauce.

Serve on a bun with your favorite toppings.


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Serving the Sweet and Spicy Beef Burger:

Now that you've got your sweet and spicy

Burger recipe is all ready to go, it's time to

Think about how you're going to serve it.

There are a few different options when it

Comes to serving your burger.

You can either serve it on a regular bun, or

You can go for a more creative option like a

Hawaiian sweet roll.

If you're looking to impress you

Guests, you can even try serving you

Burger on a fresh piece of watermelon.

This will not only taste great but it will also

Look amazing.

No matter how you choose to serve you

Sweet and spicy burger, make sure that you

Have all the fixings that your guests will


This includes things like ketchup, mustard,

Pickles, and onions.

With these tips in mind, you're sure to have

The perfect sweet and spicy burger for you

Next BBQ.

Storing and Reheating the Sweet and Spicy Burger:

If you have any leftover sweet and spicy

Beef burgers, you can store them in the

Fridge for up to three days.

Just make sure to Wrap them tightly in cling

Film or place them in an airtight container.

To reheat, simply place the burger on a

Plate and microwave for one minute.

You could also fry the burger in a pan over

Medium heat for two to three minutes until

Heated through.

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All in all, this burger is the perfect way to

Change up your average burger night.

It's easy to make and is full of flavor that

Will tantalize your taste buds.

So the next time you're looking for a

Delicious burger recipe to try, be sure to

Give this sweet and spicy burger a try!

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